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电子游艺网址多少:Low volatility products into a new multi-pet strategy layout

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内容摘要: Star Fund Manager led the "burst fund" stirring the first quarter of the public offering market, with the recent stock market adj...

Star Fund Manager led the "burst fund" stirring the first quarter of the public offering market, with the recent stock market adjustment is expected to increase, the bond market to make money less effective, stable performance, lower net volatility of the stock market is becoming a public fund " New favorite ", the lack of fund-raising star fund is trying to take this" corner overtaking. "

Low volatility products are sought after

Data show that as of January 31, this year the newly established 66 raised funds, the relatively low risk and flexible position positions of 26 flexible allocation fund raising as much as 51.939 billion shares, accounting for January The new base The total amount of funds raised "half of the country."

According to the latest publicity data of fund raising applications released by the CSRC, as of January 19, of the 34 raised funds declared this year, 13 are fixed-income funds and 15 are hybrid funds , with high volatility Stock funds Only two.

Beijing Times Newly Issued by the Securities Times told reporters that his company's recently issued products, although hybrid fund, but the stock position cap is only 50%, other positions with fixed income assets, is Hope to achieve steady operation, low volatility and steady earnings.

The source said that at present China Merchants Bank The fund products to be set up in cooperation with the Company will be mainly distributed in the channels of China Merchants Bank. The requirements of product volatility in China Merchants Bank are small and the investors' better holding experience should be pursued in the light of the revenue from absolute receipts.

"Currently, the bank channel feedback is that low volatility, low-risk products are still the favorite of individual investors, low-risk preference investors still account for the majority of channels on the market trend first of a big judge, I hope our products The rate of return slightly exceeds the rate of return of bank financing, that is, the annualized rate of return of 6% to 8% is achieved, and the net fluctuation of lower volatility is maintained, "said the source.

A medium-sized public fundraising fund manager in Shanghai also said that from this year's product offering trend, low-volatility products that are able to obtain stable excess returns are more welcomed by the market, which will be the future trend of development. With absolute returns and large-scale assets Configuration strategy for the layout of the product will be long sought after by the funds.

In addition, the bond fund poor returns last year, but also allow the market to invest more absolute preference for the type of investment. The above-mentioned Beijing Shin-Kee Public Market person said: "Last year, the average yield of bond funds can not exceed Monetary Fund , institutional investors are relatively cautious on the market for this year's bond market, the difficulty in choosing the best stocks in the stock market, As a result, low-volatility products are more popular. "

Public Offering Multi-Strategy Layout

While low-volatility products are gaining popularity, equity funds are ushering in a" cold wave "of issuance.

This year's newly established large-scale 4 equity funds raised a total of 836 million yuan. The average single issuance of funds was only 209 million. Compared with last year, the share of shareholdings decreased by 7.7 percentage points. Moreover, the establishment of China-EU Advanced Manufacturing in January, GF Securities ETF joint two equity funds or the establishment of a sponsored fund, the establishment of the scale are less than 20000000 yuan.

Shanghai medium and medium-sized public fund raised by the fund manager said that due to the obvious structural differentiation of the market, making money is not difficult, high volatility of equity funds to raise more difficult. The best funds and celebrity fund managers have been highly praised for their alpha capability. However, celebrity funds can not meet demand. For the star-rated public offering companies, they can only adopt relatively stable and low-volatility investment strategies.

In order to cater to the market demand for such low-volatility products, the countermeasures of the company where the fund manager is located are to focus more on investment research and research and to invest in research and development in the first-tier and semi- Increase business; Second, in the product design, into all kinds of absolute return investment strategy, the allocation of low volatility of assets, in order to achieve the net value of the steady value; Third, the use of fixed and other discount strategies and playing a new low-risk return increase strategy to reduce Asset holding costs, product safety pad accumulation, thickening investment income.

"We are investing in projects that we can not understand, and we cherish more opportunities for thickening our revenue due to discount strategies and revenue enhancement strategies. Only in circumstances where the market makes money harder is gaining only sustainable profitability Ability to achieve low volatility and steady growth of net worth to get the approval of investors to achieve the sustainable development of product scale. "The fund manager said.





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